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Zephyr (pronounced zef-fur) is the Greek name of the West Wind. It is the gentlest of the 4 winds and heralds the spring season, new life, and warmer weather. For us it represents blooming, blossoming, and inspiration. As an avid kite surfer and ocean lover I am always stoked when the wind and waves are up. Zephyr Rising Apothecary is about following inspiration, never holding back, embracing the elements, and opening to the wild, mysterious, and beautiful magic in the world and in ourselves. Zephyr Rising Apothecary creates organic botanical beauty + body care products that are exceptionally gentle and extremely powerful: the definition of nourishing and revitalizing.

What We Love

We love extended surf sessions, all day kite surf sessions (maybe both in the same day), boat life, free diving, hiking in the wilderness, swinging sharp objects like axes and machetes, dirt biking, mountain biking, rock climbing, motorcycling, and fun adventures. We know how it feels to push the limits. We got you. Our products are uniquely formulated for people who work and play hard in harsh environments. We also love rest and replenishment, sunbathing, forest walks, gardening, day dreaming, kitten cuddles, people snuggles, days at the spa, massage, meditation, floating in the ocean, river days, napping on the beach, napping in general, reading books, cups of tea, bowls of wholesome food, and other restorative pursuits. Here you’ll find organically made products and potions to help you explore self care to the fullest. Our lovingly handcrafted products will meet you wherever you are in your healing journey.

About Emma