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Educational, Empowering, and Embodied

Rather than being flawless and superficial, beauty and wellness come from a place of deep relaxation and connection. We believe beauty + body care can be profound work that starts in our hearts and minds, is enhanced by a calm and nourished nervous system, and ultimately radiates outward from within.

Zephyr Rising workshops empower you to learn about botanical beauty + body care, explore self care rituals, connect to plants and to yourself. Our workshops are focused around sharing plant stories and ‘intentional beauty care’—that is infusing mindfulness into everyday beauty and wellness routines. We humbly hold space for you in a myriad of ways to slow down, soften, relax, and connect. You’ll take home practical skills and products to facilitate balance and well-being in your life.

We love collaborating! If you feel you offer a product or service in line with our vision of self care, please reach out.

:: Water as Medicine ::
An Introduction to Hydrosols
June 13th, 9am HST

"A Hydrosol starts as a seed. It absorbs the sun and drinks up the rain. It frolics with the wind, sings with the birds, and sleeps with the moon. When Harvest arrives, it dances with the Alembic still to become one with Fire and Water. It rises as vapor and returns as liquid." --Ann Harmon, Artisan Distiller

Let's dive into the power of water, just in time as the heat of summer approaches. What is a hydrosol? How do they relate to essential oils and aromatherapy? How can we use these gentle aromatic waters to connect more deeply to herbal allies, the seasons, moon cycles, and our own bodies?

In this free workshop I'll share my distillation experiences and herbal knowledge. We'll explore the ancient history of hydrosol distillation, distillation techniques, and even learn a simple way to create hydrosols at home. Bring your questions!

Cover art by Sachia Kron