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Natural Hawaiian Beauty

We believe beauty describes a way of being connected: to our own bodies, other human bodies, bodies of water and land, animal bodies, plant bodies, and even unseen bodies that are much greater than ourselves. You’ll find Zephyr Rising products at the intersection of medicinal plant knowledge and botanical magic. Herbalist formulated, our organic Hawaiian beauty + body care is made by hand on the island of Maui in small batches and infused with intentions of aloha and a deep commitment to ethical and sustainable ways of being. Learn more about our mission here.

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Winter calls us into the dark Into our deepest dreams. Dream of that which was lost. Into the Womb of Stillness, Remember.
This magical box includes three items to support you in uncovering and connecting with your dreams. Our Deep Dreams Anointing Body Oil features Mugwort + Pedicularis + Lavender infused into organic Hawaiian kukui nut oil. This deeply penetrating oil will soften and heal skin while mugwort, lavender, and pedicularis calm, ground, and open energy centers. Massage broadly into skin, the back of the neck, or use to annoint specific chakra points. Our Moe Mist featyres house distilled Mugwort Hydrosol + Chamomile + Lavender + Damiana. This exotic and grounding mist offers aromatherapy for those sinking into sleep, meditation, or a quiet personal moment. We're excited to collab with Danielle Burnside art who captures the spirit of the Sea, a place of deep introspection and dreaming, with her art.