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Fiercely local. Always organic.

It is our mission to support and encourage you along your beauty and wellness path by handcrafting restorative formulas with the gifts of herbal allies, Hawaiian plants, and organic tropical oils. We want to encourage you to open yourself to the mana (power) of botanical beauty + body care. Nourish yourself—inside and out!

Zephyr Rising Apothecary is committed to ethically and sustainably sourcing as many organic ingredients as we possibly can from the diverse eco-systems throughout the Hawaiian Islands. This means that we source our botanicals from small farmers, backyard growers, our own garden, and wild spaces. We know the hands that tend, the love that goes into the land, and its magic throughout the seasons. We are proud of the quality and potency of the ingredients that go into our formulas. Our in house processing ensures that our botanicals are handled properly to protect their vibrant plant properties. We believe the more carefully we cultivate our relationship with the plants, the land, and the sea, the more deeply we connect with our selves.

Hawaiian Canoe Plants
These plants sustained and nourished the first people of Hawaii during their voyage of at least 2,400 miles. We are honored to work with these edible, medicinal, and ceremonial plants that occupied precious space in the wa’a kaulua (double hulled wooden canoe).
Moisturizes and protects
Calms inflammation and balances
Soothes, protects, and repairs
Native Hawaiian Plants
Soothes and enhances radiance
Home Grown Botanicals
Protects from harmful bacteria
More Favorite Ingredients
Moisturizes and enhances cell regeneration
Soothes, smoothes, and hydrates
Fights elemental stress and sun damage
Soothes and hydrates
Mineral rich, detoxifies and reduces stress
Protects and balances moisture barrier
Brightens and moisturizes
Calms and reduces stress
Soothes and heals, powerful anti-oxidant
Heals, promotes radiance, powerful anti-oxidant
Cools, Soothes, and Heals