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Solar Soothe After-Sun Vitamin C Refreshing Mist

We love long hot summer days. Endless sunshine, blue skies, day dreaming, eating juicy fruit, afternoon naps in the sun, long sunsets... We also love cooling off after those days. Our Solar Soothe Skin Refreshment Mist is here to support you when you feel over heated, experience stressed out heat inflamed skin, a sun burn, or just a long hot summer day. 

House distilled organic calendula and rose hydrosol from Maui grown farms stars in this mist as a skin soothing and healing ally. These plants work synergystically to calm, heal, and cool.

Lavender and rose hips offer additional mineral support. Lavender is anti-inflammatory and calming while rosehips, packed with vitamin C, make skin brighter and more resilient against damaging UV rays.

Aloe vera and cucumber act as cooling antioxidants to soothe sun burn, heat, rashes, and itchiness.

Mist over face and body as needed for refreshment. For a special treat, store in the fridge for an added cooling experience.

Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Best within 6 months of purchase. If you find yourself taking a break from regular usage, storing tightly sealed in the fridge will extend the shelf life up to 12 months.

Calendula hydrosol*^, Rose Hydrosol*^, Witch Hazel, Lavender*, Calendula*^, Rosehips*, Aloe Vera*, Cucumber*^, Vegetable Glycerin*
*organic ^Maui grown

Herbalist formulated for balanced plant energetics, our organic Hawaiian beauty + body care is tenderly crafted in small batches using only pure nutrient dense ingredients. We lovingly grow and harvest many botanicals from our garden and we source others from suppliers we know and trust.
We cherish our incredible island community and our delicate Hawaiian ecosystem which is why you'll find our products in reusable-recyclable glass packaging and recycled compostable paperware. Our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled material and we upcycle interior packaging materials so that it doesn't go into our limited landfill.
We are committed to empowering and uplifting our community by sourcing from local organic farmers and creators and collaborating with inspiring artisans and organizations (here in Maui and around planet Earth) including Women Helping Women, Maui Youth and Family Services, Shakti Rize, and Om Thrive Foundation.